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Indigo Spec-Ops Panoceania

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Indigo Spec-Ops Panoceania Product Description

“ad utrumque” (ready for everything). motto of the panoceanian special operations command.

blue is the color of panoceania. it is the color assigned on modern strategic maps to the allied forces, the color of the good guys. clear, bright, it is the optimistic color of the nation that leads the human sphere, the color of the uniforms of its soldiers, champions of freedom and democracy. but when panoceania has to work in the shadows, the brightest color is not the best. sometimes they need a darker, more discreet hue. that is when indigo goes into action: the color of the all-concealing abyssal depths, the color of the all-destroying tempestuous ocean. as a result, when panoceanian troops earn enough merit to join the special operations command, they shed their original colors and become indigo spec-ops, the dark side of panoceania.

warning: infinity spec-ops have no troop profile in the army lists, however they are the perfect proxies to be used in infinity official tournaments of the its.

infinity spec-ops have been created to be used by applying the experience rules of the infinity campaign system (ics) you will find in the upcoming “infinity. campaign: paradiso” book. customize your trooper, improving it thanks to the experience acquired in the missions you play. a new and entertaining way to engage with infinity. don’t miss it!

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