Effortlessly achieve improved results
in a fraction of the time.

An airbrush is a fantastic tool to add to your hobby arsenal. At a basic level it can allow you to achieve flawless basecoats in any colour, but with a little practise they are capable of so much more.

Airbrushing unlocks new skills and techniques


  • Glow effects, weathering techniques
  • Smooth transitions, zenithal highlighting
  • Amazing special effects and details such as heat bloom

Easy to maintain, reliable, durable.


  • Modern, robust design is nothing like early airbrushes
  • Designed specifically for miniature painting and paints
  • Readily available alternate or replacement parts

Revolutionise your hobby. Achieve flawless results faster.


  • Flawlessly basecoat in seconds
  • Achieve smooth two-tone blends to up your game
  • Finish armies or single figures to an improved standard
  • Enjoy every step of painting, and get to the fun parts quicker!


Harder & Steenbeck + CoP: European quality you can trust


  • Designed by award-winning miniature painters, for miniature painters
  • First every asymmetric trigger, for left or right or right-handed users
  • Smooth, predictable trigger action
  • Robust design and with flawless style
  • Two models to fit every budget

Cult of Paint were asked by Harder & Steenbeck in 2017 whether they wanted to design airbrushes with one true purpose – to be the best tools for miniature painting on the market. CoP refined and adjusted two of the industries’ most popular airbrushes. Both are usable by beginners, capable of achieving incredible detail, resilient, easy to maintain, and used by artists from award winners to army painters, worldwide.

Cult of Paint have taught students worldwide to paint with no faff, and achieve outstanding results, unlock your potential, with no wasted time!
- Easy to maintain and use, resilient, and long lasting
- With just two colours achieve an amazing colour transition before brush detailing
- A powerful way to an outstanding final job, in a fraction of the normal time.
Products: Airbrushes


Cult of Paint Evoltion

Embodying simplicity and design, refining a brush famous for being an industrious workhorse.
  • Hard wearing, forgiving, and tough, the evolution is the obvious tool for army painters, as well as a perfect candidate for a first airbrush and lifetime painting companion!
  • New needle-taper technology, less tip drying, smoother paint flow, and increased stress-free accuracy
  • Finished in nickel, with (real) gold detailing
  • Never-seen-before reversible left/right handed trigger; designed for increased grip, control, and comfort over long work periods.

Cult of Paint Infinity

The artisan painter’s weapon of choice.
  • Lightweight body (under 50 grams!), exquisite trigger action, unparalleled precision
  • Raised stem CoP trigger, allowing unprecedented, smooth, incremental control at the front end of the trigger’s movement.
  • The quick-fix handle: dial up detail at short notice to a fixed setting.
  • The low profile eye-line cup allows for unobstructed vision through to the model
  • Realised in exquisite matt black, (real) gold

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