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Storm of Shadows - Expansion Book

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Storm of Shadows - Expansion Book Product Description

The Ten Thunders have come to Malifaux. Having extended its reach across the Breach, the Katanaka Clan is no longer content to skulk in the shadows as it did in the Three Kingdoms. It craves power, the kind of real power that has eluded the Clan since its dishonor hundreds of years ago. As the shadows gather, the Ten Thunders has its agents in places of power and influence throughout Malifaux.

  • Honor-bound Misaki Katanaka, Mistress of the Ten Thunders, leads her Brothers and Sisters in her father’s name, waiting for the time when she will ascend as Oyabun of the Katanaka Clan.
  • Mysterious Yan Lo is a man trapped between life and death, pursuing his curse across the Breach, his service to the Ten Thunders in Malifaux providing him more clues to ending end his centuries-old plight.
  • Ambitious Mei Feng uses her mastery of metal and fire elemental magic to insinuate herself into the Miners and Steamfitters Union, drawing the attention of Viktor Ramos and his Arcanists.
  • Conniving Jakob Lynch is caught between two dangerous masters, playing both sides against the middle in a game that can have only one outcome.
  • Arrogant Lucas McCabe and his gang of black sheep loot the relics of Old Malifaux for his employer, the Governor General, while supplying intelligence and the choicest items to his true masters, the Ten Thunders.

The shadows gather. Each of the Ten Thunders’ agents waits for the time to strike – for the time the storm of shadows will break. And when it does, Malifaux will never be the same.

Malifaux: Storm of Shadows introduces not only a new Faction to the Malifaux setting, the Ten Thunders, but also new Faction Masters and Minions. This expansion for the Malifaux miniatures game also includes:

  • New Schemes for the Ten Thunders Faction and each new Master
  • A hiring guide for the Storm of Shadows Masters
  • New rules for Dual-Faction models
  • New rules for Mounted models
  • New narrative fiction spotlighting the Ten Thunders and its agents

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