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New Citadel Air Bundle

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This product is no longer being distributed by Games Workshop, and can only be bought directly from their website.

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This product is no longer being distributed by Games Workshop, and can only be bought directly from their website. More Info
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New Citadel Air Bundle Product Description

This bundle contains:

Air: Averland Sunset (24ml)
Air: Mephiston Red (24ml)
Air: Khorne Red (24ml)
Air: Kantor Blue (24ml)
Air: Macragge Blue (24ml)
Air: Caledor Sky (24ml)
Air: Caliban Green (24ml)
Air: Castellan Green (24ml)
Air: Deathworld Forest (24ml)
Air: Zandri Dust (24ml)
Air: Mournfang Brown (24ml)
Air: XV-88 (24ml)
Air: Dryad Bark (24ml)
Air: Mechanicus Standard Grey (24ml)
Air: Abaddon Black (24ml)
Air: Leadbelcher (24ml)
Air: Balthasar Gold (24ml)
Air: Steel Legion Drab (24ml)
Air: The Fang (24ml)
Air: Flash Gitz Yellow (24ml)
Air: Troll Slayer Orange (24ml)
Air: Evil Sunz Scarlet (24ml)
Air: Genestealer Purple (24ml)
Air: Calgar Blue (24ml)
Air: Lothern Blue (24ml)
Air: Temple Guard Blue (24ml)
Air: Sybarite Green (24ml)
Air: Moot Green (24ml)
Air: Warboss Green (24ml)
Air: Straken Green (24ml)
Air: Elysian Green (24ml)
Air: Ogryn Camo (24ml)
Air: Ushabti Bone (24ml)
Air: Caste Thinner (24ml)
Air: Tallarn Sand (24ml)
Air: Karak Stone (24ml)
Air: Kislev Flesh (24ml)
Air: Deathclaw Brown (24ml)
Air: Tau Light Ochre (24ml)
Air: Balor Brown (24ml)
Air: Tuskgor Fur (24ml)
Air: Baneblade Brown (24ml)
Air: Dawnstone (24ml)
Air: Administratum Grey (24ml)
Air: Ulthuan Grey (24ml)
Air: White Scar (24ml)
Air: Ironbreaker (24ml)
Air: Runefang Steel (24ml)
Air: Relictor Gold (24ml)
Air: Russ Grey (24ml)
Air: Fenrisian Grey (24ml)
Air: Terminatus Stone (24ml)
Air: Angron Red Clear (24ml)
Air: Calth Blue Clear (24ml)
Air: Deathshroud Clear (24ml)
Air: Eidolon Purple Clear (24ml)
Air: Mortarion Green (24ml)
Air: Phoenician Purple (24ml)
Air: Pyroclast Orange Clear (24ml)
Air: Sigismund Yellow Clear (24ml)
Air: Night Lords Blue (24ml)
Air: Death Korps Drab (24ml)
Air: Vulkan Green (24ml)
Air: Corvus Black (24ml)
Air: Chemos Purple (24ml)
Air: Typhon Ash (24ml)
Air: Sons Of Horus Green (24ml)
Air: Phalanx Yellow (24ml)
Air: Kakophoni Purple (24ml)
Air: Nocturne Green (24ml)
Air: Lupercal Green (24ml)
Air: Gal Vorbak Red (24ml)
Air: Word Bearers Red (24ml)
Air: Castellax Bronze (24ml)
Air: Valdor Gold (24ml)
Air: Iron Hands Steel (24ml)
Air: Grey Knights Steel (24ml)
Air: Thallax Gold (24ml)

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