AV Vallejo Model Color Military Range Box Set (72 colours + 3 brushes + carry case)

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AV Vallejo Model Color Military Range Box Set (72 colours + 3 brushes + carry case) Product Description

Includes the following: VAL520 Matte Varnish VAL892 Yellow Olive VAL524 Thinner VAL893 US Dark Green VAL801 Brass VAL894 Russian Green VAL805 German Orange VAL896 German Extra Dark Green VAL816 Luftwaffe Uniform WWII VAL897 Bronze Green VAL819 Iraqui Sand VAL898 Dark Sea Blue VAL821 German Cam Beige WWII VAL899 Dark Prussian Blue VAL822 German Cam Black Brown VAL903 Intermediate Blue VAL823 Luftwaffe Cam VAL904 Dark Blue Grey VAL824 German Cam Orange Ochre VAL907 Pale Greyblue VAL825 German Cam Pale Brown VAL912 Tan Yellow VAL830 German Fieldgrey WWII VAL916 Sand Yellow VAL833 German Cam Bright Green VAL920 German Uniform VAL837 Sand Light VAL921 English Uniform VAL845 Sunny Skintone VAL922 US Uniform VAL847 Dark Sand VAL923 Japanese Uniform WWII VAL863 Gunmetal Grey VAL924 Russian Uniform WWII VAL865 Oily Steel VAL926 Red VAL866 Grey Green VAL940 Saddle Brown VAL867 Dark Bluegrey VAL950 Matt Black VAL868 Dark Seagreen VAL951 White VAL871 Leather Brown VAL964 Field Blue VAL872 Chocolate Brown VAL975 Military Green VAL873 US Field Drab VAL976 Buff VAL874 US Tan-earth VAL977 Desert Yellow VAL875 Beige Brown VAL978 Dark Yellow VAL876 Brown Sand VAL979 German Cam Dark Green VAL878 Old Gold VAL980 Black Green VAL880 Khaki Grey VAL983 Flat Earth VAL883 Silvergrey VAL984 Flat Brown VAL884 Stone Grey VAL985 Hull Red VAL886 Green Grey VAL986 Deck Tan VAL887 Brown Violet VAL988 Khaki VAL888 Olive Grey VAL989 Sky Grey VAL889 US Olive Drab VAL991 Dark Sea Grey VAL890 Reflective Green VAL992 Neutral Grey VAL891 Intermediate Green VAL995 German Grey