Two Thin Coats Complete Wave 1

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Two Thin Coats Complete Wave 1 Product Description

Contains the complete Two Thin Coats paint range.

1x Amethyst Rayne

1x Ancient Forest

1x Archaic Sepia Wash

1x Barbarian Brawn

1x Battle Mud Wash

1x Berserker Red

1x Boar Hide

1x Carcharodon Grey

1x Celestial Blue

1x Cold Corpse Blue

1x Cuirass Leather

1x Dark Sun Yellow

1x Death Reaper

1x Demon Red

1x Doom Death Black

1x Dragon Fang

1x Dragon's Gold

1x Dungeon Stone Grey

1x Dust Bowl

1x Dwarven Skin

1x Elven Skin

1x Elysium Blue

1x Emerald Green

1x Ethereal Green

1x Fanatic Orange

1x Flesh Wash

1x Fur Cloak

1x Glistening Gold

1x Glistening Gums

1x Gravestone Blue

1x Griffon Claw

1x Ivory Tusk

1x Marine Blue

1x Mythril Blade

1x Necrosis Green Wash

1x Oblivion Black Wash

1x Orange Flare

1x Orc Flesh Wash

1x Plate Armour

1x Royal Cloak

1x Runic Purple

1x Rust Orange

1x Sandstone

1x Sanguine Scarlet

1x Scorched Earth

1x Sir Coates Silver

1x Skeleton Legion

1x Skulker Yellow

1x Sorceror's Cloak

1x Spartan Bronze

1x Sword Hilt Burgundy

1x Temple Stone

1x Trooper White

1x Vampire Fang

1x Wasteland Brown

1x White Star

1x Wizard Grey

1x Wolf Grey

1x Wyvern Green

1x Yellow Flame

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