Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers

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Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers Product Description

As the forces of Sigmar flood out of the Realmgates the forces of Khorne rejoice with the thought of new enemies to slaughter and to spill their blood in the name of the blood God. Bloodreavers are defeated foes of Chaos who bend their knee to Khorne to avoid being consumed by the Daemons and have become fanatical murders and cannibals driven insane and maddened for war. Armed simply with their reaver blades and very little armour they howl for carnage as they charge at their enemies to drown the battlefield in a sea of blood or to die in the name of their new master. This multi-part plastic kit contains everything you need to make twenty Bloodreavers, armed with either Reaver Axes or Meatripper Axes (twenty of each are included). Thirty-six heads, a mix of helmeted and bare, are included for customisation along with twenty parrying blades. You also have the option to build one model as a chieftain, wielding a double-bladed axe and carrying grisly trophies, one model as a hornblower and one model as an icon bearer, with a detailed banner. Included are twenty Citadel 32mm Round Bases.
  • Boxed set contains 20 multi-part plastic models
  • Multiple weapons options
  • Supplied unpainted & requires assembly

Product Code: 99120201037
Manufacturer / Brand: Games Workshop

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