WM: Eastern Invaders Mark 3 Wood

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WM: Eastern Invaders Mark 3 Wood Product Description

Use these tokens to denote spells and status effects in Warmachine and Hordes. They are made out of a high quality alder wood. Here is a list of the tokens that come in the set. Token List: Upkeeps: Admonition Aura of Power Awakened Spirit Banishing Ward Black Spot Blood Mark Blur Carnivore Cloak of Ash Death March Death Pact Defender's Ward Hand of Death Hollow Ignite Lamentation Last Stand Pursuit Quicken Soul Slave Storm Rager Subjugation of Will Tactical Supremacy Tag Team Vision Vortex of Destruction Spells: 2 Abuse Carnage Castigate Dash 2 Deadweight Deflection 2 Flesh Hooks 3 Ghost Walk Host of Shadows Manifest Void Mobility 2 Mortality 2 Sunder Spirit 2 The Lash 2 Torment Abilities: Battle-Driven Blind 5 Blood & Blood-Quenched 2 Combat Coordination & Desperate Pace Craft Talisman 8 Dig In 6 Enrage 3 Flare 2 Flesh-Hardening & Puppet Master 2 Gnawing Pain & Spiritual Affliction 3 Grave Mist 2 Guidance Man Catcher 2 Pain Driver Paralysis 3 Push to the Limit & March 3 Rage 2 Righteous Vengeance 3 Shield Wall Silencer Stir the Blood 3 Vengeance Animi: 2 Acidic Touch 2 Arcane Suppression 2 Counterblast 3 Force Aura 2 Heightened Metabolism 2 Lurker 2 Ornery 2 Prescience 2 Puissance 3 Rush 2 Safe Guard 2 Sand Storm 2 Spiny Growth Generic: 35 Fury Feat 2 Mini Feat

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