Sproket's Painting Masterclass 2018

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Sproket's Painting Masterclass 2018 Product Description

Sproket’s Painting Masterclass with David Soper

2-3 June 2018

Exploring contrast in miniature painting

The importance of contrast in miniature painting cannot be overstated. Five time Slayer Sword winner David Soper will teach his approach to this subject and demonstrate how he has applied it to his miniatures. The workshop will consist of a combination of theory, demonstrations and practical experience.

Both days will feature a strong practical element with participants having the opportunity for plenty of 'hands on' experience. This will be interspersed with explanations of the underlying theory and demonstrations of the techniques required for all key stages of the painting progress. David will provide one to one advice and support to all participants throughout both days.

The class is strictly limited to 16 entrants however there will be a Seminar on more general techniques on the Saturday evening that will be open to the public (ticket price on the door).



Capacity: so that David can spend enough time with each student this class is strictly limited to 16 Price: £160.00 which includes Link: __________________________________________________


Friday 1st June 12noon – 11pm

The Element Games Shop, Bar and Gaming Centre will be open for casual painting and gaming. Masterclass participants will be able to collect their Pox Walkers and can assemble and prep the model ready for the morning. If you can’t make the Friday don’t worry as time will be available Saturday morning for assembly.

Saturday 2nd June 10.00am – 5.30pm • Introduction from David with a (very) brief background and history. The focus for day one will be on the use of colour & tone to create contrast. • Establishing global lighting/contrast • Discussing colour theory & the colour wheel • Creating a colour scheme

Saturday Evening 7pm – 10pm Painting Seminar. 'My 10 favorite painting materials and techniques' A presentation showing how and where David has used his favorite materials and techniques on his award winning models. Followed by a Q&A session. Anyone can join the Seminar but if they’re not part of the Masterclass there will be a fee to pay on entry (TBA)

Sunday 3rd June 10.00am – 5.30pm During day two we will continue to develop our colour schemes and explore other types of contrast using different techniques and materials. • Painting texture & freehand detail • True metallic/Non metallic metals • Surface finish - matt/gloss/satin • Finish – highly worked/loosely worked and creating a focal point • Adding texture & special effects to a painted miniature We will round the weekend off by looking at ways to bring together different types of contrast on the same model and achieve a balanced effect that creates overall impact.


David's recommended equipment: (we will have a limited supply of lamps& hair dryers that can be borrowed)

• A suitable painting lamp

• A portable hairdryer

• Tools and equipment for prep/clean up of a plastic model: - A craft knife/scalpel, Plastic glue/super glue, Fine grit sand paper

• Primer/base coat if you prefer to use one

• Palette/wet palette (Whichever you prefer to use)

• Water pot/cup

• Kitchen roll

• Paint brushes

- I recommend using good quality sable brushes. The brush size you use depends upon your personal preference but for the size of mini we will be working on sizes 0,1 &2 would be appropriate. For the most part I prefer to use a size 0 myself. Paints

You will need a black and a white.

You will also need a good range of colours as we will experiment with creating different colour schemes. You will then pick one of you schemes and apply it to a Poxwalker.

I recommend that your colour selection includes as a minimum: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purples, and Orange. If you are limited in the number of paints you can bring pick saturated tones, because these will give you the most flexibility. You may also find it useful to include some flesh tones and brown/neutral shades in your selection.

In addition will be looking at the use of metallics in creating contrasts so, for example, you might chose to paint the Poxwalker’s weapon in a metallic colour. Therefore you will find it useful to include metallic pants in your selection.

The following colours are not essential to the workshop but participants may find them useful. These colours play a key role in many of my own colour schemes and I will demonstrate how I use then during the workshop.

Vallejo Model Colour: Ivory, Dark Sea Blue Games Workshop: Rakarth Flesh Scale75 Scalecolour range: Black Leather

Please feel free to bring along any other colours that you wish.

Anything else can be bought from the Element Games shop.


Food & Drink:

Free Tea & Coffee will be included in your ticket price

Snacks and drinks will be available on site. It is recommended to bring your own lunch but there are local shops and Takeaways within walking/driving distance if you want to buy some. You can bring food into the venue, all we ask is you tidy up after yourselves. The venue is a licenced premises and can serve you a large variety of hot & cold drinks, soft and alcoholic. No outside drinks may be brought into or consumed on the premises.

Parking/ travel:

FREE PARKING all day outside in the venues shared/private car par and next door in the 46 space Council run car park.

Public transport:

Davenport train station is the closest at a 10-15 minute walk but the main Stockport Station is also only 20-25 minute walk (and you'll find more frequent trains). You can get the bus from Stockport Station for less than £2.00 each way. And the Bus stops at the end of our road - opposite Premier Inn and is a 2 minute walk.


This purchase is for a virtual ticket and no physical product will be sent out to you. If you discover you can't attend the event we can process a refund for you up to 7 days prior to the event running. Please email support@elementgames.co.uk.

If after this date you find you can't attend we won't be able to process a refund for you as time, venue space and product will have been bought in and paid for.