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MESBG Best of White Dwarf

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MESBG Best of White Dwarf Product Description

Due to being a "Webstore Exclusive", this product may have plain white Games Workshop packaging.

This 128-page hardback supplement includes the following classic White Dwarf articles:

- Orcs Attack! (White Dwarf 263)
- Flight to Freedom (White Dwarf 396)
- The Battle for Erebor (White Dwarf December 2017)
- The Battle of Pelennor Fields (White Dwarf September 2018)
- A Clash of Companies (White Dwarf April 2019)
- The Search for the Stone (White Dwarfs January and February 2018)
- Duel of Zirakzigil (White Dwarf 281)
- Fiends and Fireworks (White Dwarf 309)
- Fatty Bolger's Great Escape (White Dwarf 311)
- The Hunt for Gollum (White Dwarf 302)
- Warg Chase in the Wilderness (White Dwarf September 2017)
- The Bigger they Are... (White Dwarf 307)
- The Brown Wizard (White Dwarf April 2018)
- River Assault Rules (White Dwarf 294)
- War of the Long Lake (White Dwarf April 2017)
- Armies of Middle-earth (White Dwarf November 2018)
- Magic of Middle-earth (White Dwarf December 2018)
- Modelling Workshop – Mordor Terrain (White Dwarf 344)
- Flight of the Nazgûl (White Dwarf 365)
- Paint Splatter – Théoden, King of Rohan (White Dwarf September 2018)
- Paint Splatter – Gandalf the White and Pippin (White Dwarf December 2018)