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There is a massive variety of paint ranges available for painting your chosen miniatures, we're strong believers in choosing the right paint for the job, and picking and choosing between the available manufacturers.

A brief overview of the different types of paint:

Paint as it says on the tin, your standard stuff, some ranges have special basing paints, which're made to cover particularly well (even over a black undercoat). These're usually called something like 'Foundation, Base, or Extra Opaque'.

Washes the best discovery in the last decade as far as the hobby goes! These are semi-translucent paints which're 'washed' over a section, and tend to pool in recesses, shading your miniature very smoothly.

Spray primers the fastest way to lay down a colour of your choice, which can save hours of basecoating by hand. Sprays also protect your miniatures far better the brushed on paint, so will lead to them having a longer life on the gaming table.

Special effects paints, mediums, etc. - This is the fancy stuff it can make your paint take longer to dry to increase workability and blends, make it more transparent, you can buy effects to simulate water, snow, mud, and weathering etc.

Colour Wheel

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8 x 30ml Weathering Washes

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