How to Paint Thunderwolf Cav + Fur

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

It turns out the TWC are very nice to paint (wolves at least, working on the riders), here's some step by step pics or how I went about them; I'll edit in the text when I've got a bit of time tonight or tomorrow.

I Based the wolves on Pine Bark, I used a pin-vice and a straight piece of paperclip to pin the model to the bark, and the bark to the base, one dot of thin superglue on each end:

Prime Chaos Black, a couple of thin coats with a minute or so to dry between each:

'Prehighlight' Using Skull White Spray: a downwards spray from 45 degrees.

Don't forget from the very top also:

Underneath should still look entirely black:

(Airbrush) Bleached Bone + Commando Khaki, from horizontal to the model up to above, preserving a bit of the darkness underneath:

(Airbrush) Add Snakebite Leather to this and selectively spray a line across the top third of the model (I had a photo of a wolf up for reference all the way through):

(Airbrush) Add Shadow and Codex Grey to the previous mix, then spray slightly above the previous layer 'fading' it in:

Other Side:

(Airbrush) Add chaos black to the mix, get the wolf from on top:

Other Side:

Get out your wash brush of preference and cover the entire model in gryphonne sepia, not too thick, 'soak up' any pooling with your brush.

Very quickly, before the last wash has begun to dry use devlan mud:badab black 1:1 on the top part of the model, as they're wet they'll blend themselves for you :):

Let it dry (fully):

(Big Drybrush) Drybrush the model all over with bleached bone, not much paint on the brush at all, take your time, ensure nowhere is missed!:

A Lighter drybrush of Space wolves grey+skull white 1:1:

A final very very light drybrush of skull white, just to pick out the most raised tips of fur.

Shadow Grey drybrush the top darker sections:

Add a touch of space wolves grey and do a lighter drybrush:

Add more SWG and go even lighter:

Final veeeery light drybrush with a touch of skull white added:

Other Side:

Eyes, nose, and areas to be silver painted chaos black, strap painted Mechrite Red:

Iris in eyes painted Mechrite Red+blazing orange, straps highlighted with blood red, pupils 'slitted' with chaos black, tongue painted warlock purple+blazing orange:

At this point I painted the silver bits chainmail, and washed them with badab black.

Rock undercoated chaos black +codex Grey

I painted white on the base as this will make the snow look brighter. Using the same heavy-light drybrushing as I used on the fur (and same big brush) I went through the following succesively lighter drybrushes, concentrating more on the top of the rock as I went through them:
Codex Grey
Codex Grey + Shadow Grey
Shadow Grey + Space Wolves Grey
Space Wolves Grey
Space Wolves Grey+ Skull White
(Wash brush, dry thoroughly)
Veeery light skull white highlight, all over, this is the most important stage, and makes it 'pop', start with barely any on your brush, you can always add more, but not remove it!

Pigment time, mix a 'paste' of water and Vallejo Burnt Sienna and splodge it where dust would collect, and around the bottom of the rock

Use a clean wet brush (you will probably have to clean it throughout the process) to 'smudge' the top of the pigment towards the top of the rock, this will help it fade out, there's no need to be neat, this is meant to look random, also once dry pigments can still be shifted round with the same stage and more application of water:

Once Dry you have 2 options: at this stage you have the option of sealing the pigments, this can be done with purity seal or any spray varnish, as they'd discolour the snow I sealed them:

I Mixed UHU glue and taiya red+tamiya smoke to make sticky blood, and then used an old soft brush, cut short to splodge it on the model where I thought gore would be (see Gore Tutorial for more on blood):

Other Side:

I Mixed Bicarbinate of Soda with pva into a thick paste, then put it on the base, and the areas where it would rest on the rock, see Snow Tutorial for more on snow:

I pressed a depression into the still drying snow with a sculpting tool:

And Stuck in an armypainter tuft.

Finished Wolves:

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