How to Paint Bloodletters (Dip)

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Hi chaps, another quick dipping tutorial here. This should be the last tutorial plagued by inadequate lighting for the photos hopefully, so future ones will not feature dull reds! Dragon red is actually a wonderfully vibrant paint, it's fantastic to work with, and as with all AP products helps you produce big armies fast!

Dragon Red Primer
Jokaero Orange
Matt Black
Skeleton Bone
Rakarth Flesh
Mournfang Brown
Leather Brown
Old Gold
Quickshade Soft Tone (Dip)

Step 1: Undercoat - Dragon Red, all over, a couple of light layers.

Step 2: Drybrush - Jokaero Orange, over any bumpy bits

Step 3: Metallic sections undercoat - Mournfang brown under any soon to be gold areas.

Step 4: Metallics - Mourfang Brown + Old Gold, once all over, then add more Old Gold, and go over again. If you're after a super bright shiny gold go for 'LINK HERE GOLD INSTEAD'. Other basecoats/undercoats - horns + blade, sword handle + claws painted Matt Black +Leather Brown (3:1).

Step 5: Details - Teeth, Claws, Eyes painted skeleton bone +Rakarth flesh (3:1) carefully with a small brush. Tongue Warlock purple + Skeleton Bone.

Step 6: Dip! Get your least favourite horrible old brush (ensure it's clean though), and work your way from bottom to top all over the mini. Don't use much, 'stipple' it on.

Once I've gone all over I tend to clean my brush, check if I've missed any areas, and pull paint where it's collected too much in recesses for my taste from these to use in parts that have been missed.

Areas to look out for on this mini include the backs of the knees, inner elbows, and fingers/hands, you only want a light covering all over.

(Leave to dry)

Step 8: Matt Varnish, and base - I went for the scheme from the army basing topic a while back LINK HERE.

Done, super quick! :)