Light Planking/Decking Bases (basing)

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

Light wood bases:

**Planking Bases**:
First of all the soft balsa wood needs some treatment to ensure it toughens up, and is readied for a long life on the table, this is simple, and can be dealt with easily in the priming stage. One or two coats of spray varnish (matt) before painting will be readily absorbed by the super porous wood, and once dry leaves it far more durable.

Step 1: Priming/basecoat: 1-2Coats Spray Varnish, Followed by Matt Black

Step 2: Basecoat 2: Go in with a brush and get any pesky bits that have been missed.

Step 3: Heavy drybrush/overbrush of Khemri Brown, 2 Coats (now Baneblade Brown). The same motion as a drybrush but with a little more paint, aiming to leave just the deep recesses untouched.

Step 4: Medium Drybrush: Dheneb Stone

Step 5: Light drybrush Dheneb Stone + Matt White 1:1

As ever I put both on my pallet and dragged them together until I was happy with the colour, this is a good way to be able to increase or decrease contrast with the previous layer after seeing how it looks while on the mini/base.

Step 6: Super Light Drybrush - Matt White

Step 7: Tufts + Paint Edges Matt Black - I chose Highland Tuft
to keep things dry looking.

Better Photo:

Next to its brother from another mother for contrast:

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