Southland Swamp Tutorial (Basing)

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

Southland Swamp Base

Step 1: Pre-shading, undercoat black, keep the coat light to ensure the cork remains absorbent, get in with some watered down paint to get all of the cracks. Spray the base with white from above.

(Apologies for blurry pic)

Step 2: Thin Doombull brown with a little water, and wash it all over the rock/ground section, try and get in all of the nooks and crannies, but make sure not to get any on the water and tentacles.

Step 3: XV-88, Medium drybrush, again be careful.

Step 4: Add Skeleton Bone to the mix, lighter drybrush this time.

Step 5: Add skull white, carefully super light drybrush the ground, in this case I got the small piece of slate also.

Step 6: Tentacle time! - Liche Purple Base, adding skeleton bone for highlights.

Step 7: Wash/glaze swampy bits with a couple of layers of Waywatcher Green Glaze + Dark Angels Green, about 3:1.

Step 8: I re-highlighted the bubbles with bilious green at this stage, as things were getting quite dark.

Step 9: Tamiya Clear Green, all over, I didn't shake the pot, and used the top layer to get the tentacle, this is a yellow tinted gloss varnish essentially.

After this I then shook the pot, and used the green elsewhere, this stuff takes a little while to dry, and 2-4 coats to fill a recess like this.

The two colours, shaken and unshaken:

Step 10: Terracotta pigment on the earth/rock, this really brings it to life, as long as you've waited for the clear coat to dry any overspill can easily be brushed off.


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