Ellyrian Plains Tutorial (Basing)

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

Ellyrian Plains Base

This is a 'Clean' looking style of basing, no washes etc, as a result it looks quite crisp, and without the grass/flowers etc it would look a little dry.

GS + Medium slate used to give some texture to the base and make it look less uniform:

Sand Sealed with Purity Seal/Matt Varnish (flying stand not glued - that's asking for trouble!).

Undercoat - Black Spray

Step 1: Undercoat: Heavy overbrush of uniform grey, an overbrush is like a heavy drybrush.

As this is your basecoat a couple of passes may be needed:

Step 2: Mournfang Brown basecoat on the ground, don't worry about getting some on the rocks, after their highlights it'll look natural.

Step 3: First drybrush - XV-88, fairly heavy.

Step 4: Lighter drybrush - Add skeleton bone to the previous mix

Step 5: Stone Drybrush - Add Matt white to Uniform grey (my 'pallet' can be seen top left, I drag paints together to get the right mix).

Any mistakes with the brown layer should now be muted against the grey, because the stone is done after it'll look like dirt in the crevices and recesses. There is no such thing as a mistake with a lot of basing - the ground/details wouldn't be uniform in colour or texture, just roll with it.

Step 6: Lighter drybrush - more Matt White

Step 7: Finishing details - Army Painter Meadow Flowers, Clump Foliage, and Swamp tufts, I start by clustering them in the shade of rocks etc, and then 'fill in the gaps' until satisfied. Attach with PVA/Superglue.


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