Basing Bible - Basing Scheme Tutorials/Recipes

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

This thread contains multiple tutorials, scroll down for more.

Light Planking/Decking Basesfull tutorial here

Base (Heavy Drybrush/overbrush, 2 coats): Khemri Brown Baneblade Brown
Highlight 1 (Medium Drybrush): Rakarth Flesh
Highlight 2 (Light Drybrush): Rakarth Flesh:Matt White 1:1
Highlight 3 (Super Light Drybrush): Matt White
Finishing: Matt Black + Highland Tuft

Wasteland/Frontier Town Bases.full tutorial here

Undercoat: The Army Painter 'Base Primer - Matt Black'
(Sealed with: The Army Painter 'Base Primer - Anti-Shine, Matt Varnish')
Basecoat: XV-88 (Snakebite Leather or Balor Brown will do though)
1st Drybrush:Bubonic Brown Zamesi Desert
2nd Drybrush: Skeleton Bone (Bleached Bone or Ushabti Bone will do)
Pigment:Terracotta Earth Pigment
Tuft:Swamp Tuft (Or a tuft/flock of your choice, I chose this for contrast)

Southland Swamp Basefull tutorial here

Land Preshade: Matt Black + Matt White
Land Basecoat: Thinned Doombull Brown
Land Drybrush: XV-88
Land Drybrush Highlight 1: + Skeleton Bone
Land Drybrush Highlight 2: +Skull White

Water Basecoat: Waywatcher Green + Dark Angels Green
Water Highlight: Bilious Green
Water Wash: Tamiya Clear Green

Finishing Pigment: Terracotta Earth

For this tutorial I used a bade made in the How to Make Swamp Bases tutorial.

Ellyrian Plains Base full tutorial here

This is a 'Clean' looking style of basing, no washes etc, as a result it looks quite crisp, and without the grass/flowers etc it would look a little dry.

Undercoat: Matt Black'
Stone Basecoat: Overbrush
Uniform Grey
Ground Basecoat: Mournfang Brown
Ground 1st Drybrush: XV-88
Ground 2nd Drybrush: +Skeleton Bone
Stone 1st Drybrush: Uniform Grey+Matt White
Stone 2nd Drybrush:+moreMatt White
Details: AP
Swamp Tuft,
Meadow Flowers, Clump Foliage (Could add green flock for a greener plains look)

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