How to pin models

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

Hi guys, nothing mega exciting this time, but I've been been meaning to do a little step by step on how I do this for a while, and following a recent request on the forums it seemed that it's something that'll be of use to at least one person :)


Superglue(cheap, thin)
Paper clips
Model/soon to be victim of terrible foot pain
Pin Vice - mine is GW and ancient, drill bits get replaced every month or so.

Step 1
Use your pin vice to drill holes in your model's feet, if it's a particularly unhelpful surface (e.g. round) using your modelling knife to make a small indent to serve as a pilot hole is always useful

Step 2
Take your paperclip and do your best to bend it straight.

Step 3
Poke it in there, I tend to put any bendy ends in to the model, they'll make the pins more secure, and you want the pats going into the bases to be straight, as it'll make lining up easier later.

Step 4
Pull the pins out and 'dry fit' your model on the base, make sure it'll fit on where you want it.

Step 5
Get those pins super straight!

Step 6
Prod your model in, this is one of the main reasons for my love of cork, these holes will be your pilots, and the more straight the pins are the better they'll work.

Step 7
Following the pilots drill through the base

Step 8
Insert the pins, give it a wiggle if required to find the holes in the base, and cut of excess underneath.

Step 9
In this case I ended up repositioning the guy, and the pin was showing, so magic cork tile saved the day, and it was easily hidden.


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