How to Paint Ogre Bulls

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

The ever prevalent Dreadboi's given us another tutorial, helping us out with those tricky ogres and their massive expanses of flesh!


First off, I prime my miniatures black and then dust them with white spray paint...should come out looking something like this!

(please note I cut out the flash on the ogres teeth...somehow it escaped me when preparing the mini!)

Then i base coat the skin in Tallarn Flesh...keep this coat thin and do a couple of coats...don't worry about being messy as this is just the base colour!! I painted boots and belt in calthan brown, the trousers in whatever colour suited (was a vallejo browny green!) and the metal in Vallejo model air Aluminium!

Then the first step on the skin is to shade with Ogryn Flesh...i put the wash in any crease...i did not want to wash all of the flesh as i wanted to keep the original colour peaking through...i applied it heavily on the face and in the deep crevices...

I also washed everything else with devlan mud!

After this step i feathered Tallarn flesh back onto the flesh...generally, I kept the paint thin and built up the layers slowly...

Then i mixed up tallarn flesh with Vallejo Model Air Sand about 70/30...again keep the paint thin and keep thinking where the light hits the flesh - i.e. eyebrows, top lip, top of muscles etc!

Finally, on the very highest edges, I used a 50/50 mix of the skin highlight to make the muscles and face really pop! I believe that having kept the paint thin and letting the basecoat shine through a little, by using a couple of colours, you can achieve very interesting skin colours!

In this step I washed the top lip and the nipples with baal red wash...this is to suggest blood flow to those areas!

I washed under the eyes with a mix of badab black and purple to suggest tiredness and pigmentation!
This also brings out the definition of the eyes alot more!


Stone was painted codex grey, washed with badab black/devlan mud and then lines were painted again with codex grey...not too fancy but hey! I think it looks good :)


I painted the gut plate brazen brass and washed it with Devlan Mud and Badab black...
once dry I drybrushed it with silver and then gave it a final watered coat of devlan mud to make gold brassy coloured again!

Then to achieve the verdigris effect, I diluted some hawk turquoise in some iso alcohol...this really brakes down the paint making it flow well and is totally colourless! DO NOT GET ANY ON YOU/IN YOUR MOUTH/EYES! IT IS FOUL STUFF!
Water works just fine for this step but make sure it is totally clear

The silver details were painted with Model Air Aluminium....washed with badab black/devlan mud...

Then I stippled on an orangey brown colour (i used Vallejo but vermin brown/solar macharius orange would work!).

Concentrate this on the middle of the weapon/shield as this is where the rust wouldn't be rubbed off by use!

Streak in silver on the pointy bits and towards the edges to suggest the wear and tear that will no doubt ensure on an ogre campaign! I'd imagine regular swords used as toothpicks!

Again wash with a little Devlan mud if it is too bright!

Should turn out like this!


Paint the base Calthan Brown and then use PVA to stick down sand

Wash with Devlan Mud!

Drybrush with Calthan Brown, then Iyanden Darksun and then Deneb Stone!

Repaint the sides Calthan Brown and then stick on any static grass that you want to!

Follow all of this and you will hopefully get something that looks like this when you finish!

Any questions please ask here or PM me!

Hope this helps :)

Happy Painting!

Dreadboi 8)

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