How to Paint an Ogre Thundertusk - (Dreadboi tutorial)

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

(Byron) Hi again guys, we've got another guest tutorial, yay! Dreadboi has kindly let me post his thundertusk tutorial from a while back. You may have seen me mention it in other threads but this tutorial influenced the way in which I paint my models very heavily (using sprays for pre-highlights, heavy use of washes etc), and also is one of the reasons I have 2 thundertusks in my Ogre army. It's also the prime reason I got motivated to start upping my game and write proper tutorials of my own.

Anyway without further ado and waffle, here it is, enjoy!

Thundertusk Body

I first sprayed the model in black undercoat and dusted it in white using a white spray! (well duh ;) )

I then basecoated it with the airbrush with Vallejo Model Air Hemp!

Very lightly, I sprayed it white once again trying to keep some of the Hemp colour coming through as a midtone!

Drench the big boy in Gryphone Sepia!!

Once the wash had dried (I left it overnight!) I drybrused it with Vallejo Model Colour Offwhite :)

Using Dheneb Stone I painted all of his skin using very thin coats of the paint to try and keep the colour interesting without blotting out all of the previous drybrushing steps!

At this stage I also base coated all of the rocky parts/Hooves (where the skin is rubbed off!) in a codex grey equivalent...i think it was 'neutral' grey from VMC!

I (slowly!) painted in all of the strapping/harness on the model in Leather Brown (VMC)...i did this in several layers as i didn't want to blotch it all on and risk getting leather paint on my nicely detailed fur!!

I washed it with devlan mud and then rehighlighted it with Leather Brown! easy peasy!

Next stage, I painted all of the silver plates and other bits silver! I used Vallejo Model Air Aluminum for this :) I then washed the silver and grey parts in Badab Black!

I painted his gums in Liche Purple and repainted the teeth dheneb stone!

I painted the maw symbol on his hind leg with Ice blue!

To make his face a little darker, I glazed badab black and a little asyurmen blue over his skin and rehighlighted with Dheneb stone...I felt this helped it be distinguised from the fur a little more!


Firstly I sprayed them black with an airbrush....using Vallejo Model Air paints (Burnt Umber, Light Brown, Flat Brown and Sand!) I sprayed from black through umber, to light brown, then flat to sand! I will cover it in more detail later on when describing the horn on the saddle! Exactly the same process...The horns just kind of happened and I didn't document it as well as the rest! :oops:

It turned out like this!!


Basecoated in VAC Aluminum and VAC Gold...all of the brass bits where done with Brazen Brass!

Washed with Devlan mud and Badab black!

Drybrushed very lightly with Silver and then the gold parts were washed with Gryphone Sepia to get a nice rich gold colour!

Using the forgeworld rust powders, i added the 'orange rust' to the silver bits sporadically...i added iso alcohol to the powder and carefully applied it in patches...

I then took the light rust and just added it to the model when the previous layer had dried!

The patina effect is simply watered down hawk turquoise with a little bit of ISO alcohol in it! I detailed this in my how to paint ogres tutorial!

Once the powders were dry, i rehighlighted them with silver, trying to think where the rust would wear away on the edges etc!


The saddles were painted the same way as the straps and the metal, but with Khemri brown washed with devlan mud for the wood! :) nice and easy!


This was my setup!

I masked off the saddle with some tape and sprayed the base of it black

Using the darkest brown I sprayed the middle part and feathered into the black!

Next brown up and did the same up to the tip!

VAC Sand was used from the tip this VERY lightly as you want it to look natural!

White for the tip :)

Then i washed it with devlan mud being careful to mop up any that has pooled or changed the white tip from being so bright!


The horns were done in the same way as previously detailed!

Wood was done with Khemri brown washed with devlan mud and highlighted with khemri brown/sand mix!

Silver and Brass were done as per the shields!



For those interested, here is the base before i stuck him on it!!

As I say, I haven't done the ogres yet but they will follow very closely to the tutorial done previously!

Hope this helps :)

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