1 Day Daemons - How to Paint Nurglings

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Hi guys, in the same style as my daemonette tutorial I'm going to do one for the new nurgling kit from GW, which is fantastic! I love these little chaps, and really enjoyed painting them.

There is a quick review of the kits here on the blog.


Look at these guys, they're amazing!

Step 1.) I painted the kits in their 3 parts, each glued to a sprue 'handle' to make it easier to prime them (more about this later)

Step 2.) Prime them black, one of my (very minor) gripes with this kit is that it's hard to get into the recesses, I used the airbrush to get them, apologies for the bad picture).

Step 3.) Spray they grey from between 90 and 45 degrees, the aim is to leave the underside black, but get some colour on the middle range.

And from the back..

Step 4.) White from 45 degrees and very top.

From above the models should look mainly white, and from below mainly black, putting them on the handles helps with getting at these angles without blocking your spray can's line of sight (haha) with fingers.

Step 5.) Scorpion green on their magotty bits, tongues, and whatever else you fancy.

Step 6.) Wash them all over, I used Thraka Green, Vallejo Glaze Medium, and a dot of hawk turquoise.

Step 7.(optional) Drybrush skull white all over, very lightly spray white from above, wash again, you can repeat this to taste, I did it twice.

Step 8.) 'twist them' from their handles, I glue the to the flat round parts of the sprue for this reason, they come off really easily and neatly. Glue the bits together.

Step 9.) Horns + Teef, Horns were Hawk Turquoise + Caliban green, teeth were skull white

Step 10.) Grime them up, I used Sepia, and tamiya 'smoke', if you don't have smoke mixing sepia with gloss varnish will make a nice slimy effect, I splodged this about randomly (there is no need to be neat whatsoever), and then concentrated on armpits and sores...lovely.

Step 11.) Gore them up! See my gore tutorial for more about this, I used taiya clear red (again, mixing red wash+varnish is a similar substitute), and concentrated on teeth, mouths and hands, no need to be neat.

Step 12.) Base them in a scheme of your choice and they're done!