Games Workshop Paint Conversion Chart: with links to paints!

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

I've been thinking about this for a while now, and thought it may be something that may be of use to some people out there, or at least save you some faff clicking and typing in names!

CTRL + Click to open up the links in new tabs in the store, base (new foundation) paints are in bold and underlined:

Old GW Paint Names - New

Normal Paints (now 'Citadel Layer'

Sunburst Yellow Flash Gitz Yellow
Golden Yellow Yriel Yellow
Blazing Orange Troll Slayer Orange
Blood Red Evil Sunz Scarlet
Red Gore Wazdakka Red
Scab Red Khorne Red
Dark Flesh Doombull Brown
Dwarf Flesh Ratskin Flesh
Elf Flesh Kislev Flesh
Warlock Purple Screamer Pink
Liche Purple Xereus Purple
Regal Blue Kantor Blue
Ultramarines Blue Altdorf Guard Blue
Enchanted Blue Caledor Sky
Shadow Grey The Fang
Space Wolves Grey Fenrisian Grey
Ice Blue Lothlern Blue
Hawk Turquoise Sotek Green
Dark Angels Green Caliban Green
Snot Green Warpstone Glow
Goblin Green Warboss Green
Scorpion Green Moot Green
Rotting Flesh Nurgling Green
Camo Green Elysian Green
Catachan Green Castellan Green
Graveyard Earth Steel Legion Drab
Scorched Brown Rhinox Hide
Bestial Brown Mournfang Brown
Vermin Brown Skrag Brown
Snakebite Leather Balor Brown
Bubonic Brown Zamesi Desert
Vomit Brown Tau Light Ochre
Desert Yellow Tallarn Sand
Kommando Khaki Karak Stone
Bleached Bone Ushabti Bone
Fortress Grey Administratum Grey
Codex Grey Dawnstone
Chaos Black Abaddon Black
Skull White White Scar
Burnished Gold Auric Armour Gold
Shining Gold Gehenna's Gold
Dwarf Bronze Hashut Copper
Tin Bitz Warplock Bronze
Boltgun Metal Leadbelcher
Chainmail Ironbreaker
Mithril Silver Runefang Steel

Washes (now 'Shade')
Baal Red Carroburg Crimson
Asurmian Blue Drakenhof Nightshade
Leviathan Purple Druchii Violet
Devlan Mud Agrax Earthshade
Ogryn Flesh Reikland Fleshshade
Gryphonne Sepia Seraphim Sepia
Thraka Green Biel-Tan Green
Badab Black Nuln Oil

Foundation (now 'Base')
Iyanden Darksun Averland Sunset
Macharius Solar Orange Jokaero Orange
Mechrite Red Mephiston Red
Tausept Ochre Balor Brown
Calthan Brown Mournfang Brown
Khemri Brown Baneblade Brown
Tallarn Flesh Cadian Fleshtone
Dheneb Stone Rakarth Flesh
Gretchin Green Death World Forest
Knarloc Green Loren Forest
Orkhide Shade Caliban Green
Fenris Grey The Fang
Hormagaunt Purple Daemonette Hide
Mordian Blue Macragge Blue
Chardon Granite Stormvermin Fur
Necron Abyss Kantor Blue
Adeptus Battlegrey Mechanicus Standard Grey
Astronomicon Grey Celestra Grey

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