Model Holders for painting; keeping those grubby mitts off.

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An extremely quick one guys, I thought I'd share this as it's something I find completely invaluable for painting, it's not always worth the faff if you're batching out a unit of 20troops, but I'd definitely recommend it for painting individual characters. It takes no time at all, and is ample excuse for getting hold of a cork!

I only realised really how helpful it was when I was painting the latest Savage Orc Big Boss and Goblin Shaman, however it's incredibly helpful; keeping greasy fingers from models, and also making them far more comfortable to hold. Not to mention this is going to be the easiest tutorial to write/photograph ever...

You will need:
A cork: (a fat one is best, easier to hold)
A base: (optional, makes your mini less likely to fall over on your desk)
Green Stuff: Soon to be available from the EG store, watch this space! If you have no GS you can use lots of superglue, it just takes more time.
Superglue: (thin and cheap as always!)
Any magnetic coin, I've used a 2 pence piece
Rare earth Magnets

Required Equipment (minus coin :? ), including my ol' trusty holder I've been using for a couple of years:

Mix up your Green Stuff, put a blob on your base, add a blob of superglue, press the cork down hard, hold it until it' cured if needs be.

As with the last step but now glueing your coin to the cork with GS+Glue, try and make it fairly level.

Done! All you need to do now is glue magnets onto the base of your model of choice, if needs be use a spacer or something (see bottom pic, I used an off-cut of sprue) , as with above superglue+GS is the way forward, for more info see the Magnetising Bases Tutorial