How to do Snow Effects

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This is going to be a pretty quick one as I've already written in it my other thread, but I've got some pictures now :) There's not much to write because it's all fairly self evident.

To make snow you will need:
Baking Soda
Pva (white glue/elmers for our US readers)
Water Effects (Optional, makes it dry faster, promotes 'clumping'
A container
A stick
A clean brush

Step #1: Baking Soda!

Step #2: Pva (mix it in before next step)

Step #3: Water Effects **Optional, see above I tend to use without**

Looks like:

Step #4: Put it on your bases

Don't forget where snow would collect!:

Step #6: If you're using 'tufts' brush a little pva/your snow mix on top, then scatter on some soda to make them look frosted:


Mix it with PVA, slowly adding more soda until it's really thick (unless you want melt snow, see below). That's it, slop it on your bases, google snow drifts if you want realistic examples, and don't forget those footprints! (Blood + snow = good also)

Fluffy 'Fresh' Snow
Do the above, but after putting your 'snow mix' on the base and waiting 10 mins carefully sprinkl some bi carb on (I drop it from the back of a flat sculpting tool) and blow off the excess.

Brighter than Bright snow - Often combined with fluffy fresh snow.
Paint white underneath where your snow is going (I use vallejo foundation white because it only needs a couple of coats)
Mix a little white paint with your snow mix, you won't need much.

Just add more PVA, if your pva is thick add a little water (before or after the bi-carb, not as the same time)

N.B When doing anything to do with snow clean your brushes before! If there's even a trace of red in it for example your scary ogres are now going to look like fat fairies on candy mountain...

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