Vaettir Varriers

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Vaettir Varriers Product Description

The foot soldiers of the Vaettir are ancient warriors whose nobility was corrupted by their own foul meddling, their hearts are filled with hatred and vengeance and they exhibit a great mastery of bloodthirsty violence upon the field of battle. The Varrier scurry across the plains with such terrifying swiftness they are capable of catching even the most alert enemies completely unawares.

Their physical form is the first clue in unravelling their deceptive nature, they may appear fragile and harmless upon first sight but they are sly and devious and quite capable of toppling foes much larger than themselves. They fight in such a frenzied manner that it would appear they are hacking away at random but again this is not the case, each stab of their blade is a perfectly executed attack designed to disable and kill their opponents with deadly accuracy.

The very essence of the Varrier has been tainted beyond redemption and raw magic leaks from their souls, pray to your gods that you might never have to look into the many eyes of these vengeful abominations and hear their sickening chattering, it will likely be the last thing you ever see or hear again.

Details: Measuring: ~32mm floor to eye. Models can be assembled into a number of poses.

Pack contains 3 multipart pewter miniatures. Miniatures require assembly and painting. Painting materials are not included. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts and pointed components

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