WM: Holy Crusaders Mark 3 Wood

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WM: Holy Crusaders Mark 3 Wood Product Description

Use these tokens to denote spells and status effects in Warmachine and Hordes. They are made out of a high quality alder wood. Here is a list of the tokens that come in the set. Token List:  Upkeeps: Bulwark Hallowed Avenger Hex Hammer Ignite Escort Firestarter Inviolable Resolve Sacrosanct Death Sentence Defender's Ward Vision Arcane Ward Creator's Wrath Rebuke Synergy Brand of Heresy Lamentation Assail Death March Cloak of Ash Hand of Fate Gates of Death Occultation Silence of Death Admonition Penitence Fortify Banishing Ward Spells: 3 Boundless Charge Deceleration Engine of Destruction Castigate Awareness Mobility 2 The Flesh is Weak Spellpiercer Crusader's Call 3 Guided Hand Carnage 2 Stranglehold True Path Abilities: Curse Menoth's Gaze Hand of Vengeance Imprint 3 Righteous Vengeance 2 Flare 2 Aegis 2 Imbued Force 2 Warding 6 Battle 6 Passage 6 Shielding 2 Vengeance 2 Battle-Driven 3 Fervor 3 Path of Flames 3 Warding 3 Holy Monolith 2 Shield Wall Menoth's Sight 2 Shifting Sands Stance Harmonious Exaltation 4 Stone-and-Mortar Stance 2 Righteous Fury 2 Ashes of Urcaen 2 Glimpse of Fate Flames of Wrath Lawgiver's Creed Power of Faith 2 Enliven 2 Prey 2 Fire Beacon 2 Combat Coordination 2 High-Angle Fire Generic: 33 Focus 2 Mini Feat Feat

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