How to Magnetise Bases

If you have any questions / comments, please feel free to post on the forum thread for this tutorial.

This is just a short one, especially useful for anyone playing with ranked units, never again will your BSB fall over because of his big banner, or your entire unit slide down a tray when on a hill: prepare for the future of gaming!

Putty of any type, I'm using green stuff.
Adhesive Magnetic Sheet
Rare Earth Magnets
Glue: any type really, PVA is fine, I'm impatient so I'm using superglue - runny is best.

Step#1 Putty, I'm not a massive fan of waste, so I tend to cut out the middle bit of lumpy green stuff which would normally be thrown away and use that, ix it up good 'n' proper'.

Step#2 Stick it on your base, in general I'd go centrally, if you've got a massive banner leaning the base forward etc put it at the opposite side to counter.

Step#3 Stick your magnet on there, don't push it in too hard, it should still be slightly lower than the level of the bottom of the base - you'll see why in the next step. No need to worry about which way round, polarities don't matter for this.

Step#4 Press the base down on a flat surface, this way you'll have a magnet which will be exactly flush with your movement tray, so
a) It'll be completely level
b) The bond between it and your sheeting will be far stronger, enabling you to hold your tray upside-down if it's got light plastics on it, and frighten your gaming buddy**.

Step#5 Cut up your magnetic sheet, if it's for a big tray I tend to use a modelling knife and a steel ruler, otherwise it cuts fine with a good pair of scissors, peel off the back and stick it on, the bond is very strong so take your time and try to get it right first time as peeling it off is a bit of a faff.

Step#6 Exalt in the joy of holding your movement tray at craazy angles!

Step#7 (Optional, recommended especially with metal models) After the putty has dried put a dot of glue on each magnet around the edge, just to double check the bond from magnet to putty to base is nice and strong, this is particularly useful if your magnets/base was dusty beforehand as the bond won't be so strong.

Here's it tested on some old metal flamers, which are pretty heavy!:

Here are the links to the sheets and magnets once again:
Adhesive Magnetic Sheet
Rare Earth Magnets

All done, as ever any questions let me know here, via twitter etc.


**I accept no responsibility if you send your models to their deaths on the floor doing this, do so at your own peril!

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